Day 0. Sep 3 Session Venue

Trainees Registration

Prefunction area next to the conference rooms

Training Session Day 1: DNSSEC Training

Training is delivered by ICANN

Day 0. Sep 4
Session Venue

Training Session Day 2: Blockchain Technology

Tutorial Session on distributed ledger-based technology will be delivered by Virgil Griffith and Nick Johnson of True Names, aka the Ethereum Name Service

Note: On both training days, lunch will be served in TBC
Day 1. Sep 5
Session Venue


Prefunction rooms area

Introductory Session

This short session is intended to set the tone for the Meeting.

Moderator: Leonid Todorov, APTLD

  • Representative of the Government of Malaysia
  • Ai-chin Lu, Board Chair, APTLD
  • Hasnul B. Hasan, CEO, MYNIC

Session 1

Partner Organizations’ Updates

A part of a vibrant regional ecosystem, APTLD has consistently developed working relations with numerous peers, and we expect them to share their major developments and plans for 2020.


  • Jia-Rong Low, ICANN
10:30-11:15 Coffee Break, Group Photo

Session 2

Members’ Updates

In the session, we traditionally have Members and APTLD Fellows’ updates on recent developments in their organizations.

Moderator: Min Jung Park, KISA

  • Richard Wein, .AT: The .AT’s Anycast Service
  • Jörg Schweiger, .DENIC: When over-provisioning doesn't work anymore - risk-based name service

Session 3

Panel discussion: Surfing along the High Tide

As ICANN is gunning down for a new round of new gTLDs, it is high time ccTLDs discussed how that could affect them and how one could get prepared for the change.

Moderator: Alister Paterson, auDA

  • Ching Chao, Brandma
  • Nitin Walia, XGenPlus
13:30–14:30 Lunch

Session 4A (Venue: tbc)

Marketing: One, Two, Three, Sold
Some ccTLDs have long tried domain names auctions and will be keen to share their experiences of employing this marketing instrument.

  • Crystal Peterson, Neustar
  • Alena Belskaya, hoster.By

Session 4B (Venue: tbc)

Security: Armed and Armored
Let’s talk DNSSEC and other DNS security capabilities (DMARC, SPF, etc)! For techies, this is a never-ending story and a non-exhausting pool of best practices worth sharing with their pals.

Moderator: Gihan Dias, .LK Domain Registry
  • Christian Hesseleman, .NL/TLD-Ops: Mitigation of IoT-based DDoS attacks
  • Saif Al-Mashhadi, .IQ
15:30-15:40 Technical break

Session 5A (Venue: tbc)

Legal: Two Sides of the Same Coin: Domain Names Dispute Resolution Practices
Whilst some people have a history in creating conflict others create a history in conflict resolution. Conflict and resolution are two sides of the same coin, only a ccTLD should choose carefully the right one, and Members will explore the matter in search for best practices.

Moderator: Erhan Karabardak, auDA
  • Hiro Hotta, JPRS

Session 5B (Venue: tbc)

Security: All around the Watchtower
With cases of domain abuses plentiful, members are invited to share good practices in monitoring and mitigation of the use of domains for illegal purposes.

  • Crystal Peterson, Neustar
  • Yuri Takamatsu, JPRS
16:40-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-17:30 Wrap-up of the day and housekeeping notices
18:00 Leaving for the APTLD Members Dinner

Members Dinner at tbc

21:30 Return to the hotel
Day 2. Sep 6
Session Venue

Session 6A (Venue: tbc)

New gTLD vs ccTLD vs Social Media
In the session, the Membership will discuss new gTLDs and Social Media’s impact on the stability and growth of ccTLDs and how their smart use can help bolster registrations in ccTLDs.


  • Michael Gilmour, ParkLogic: New opportunities from unregistered SLD

Session 6B (Venue: tbc)

Technical: Blockchain-Enabled Solutions for ccTLDs
Back at APTLD73, this session was a massive success. A lot has changed since then and the hype seems to have nearly gone. Yet, having a vibrant blockchain expert community around why not to give it another try?

  • Virgil Girffith, Ethereum Foundation
11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

Session 7A (Venue: tbc)

Legal: Regional Arbitration Center for Globalized Domains
The session will attempt to answer the question of how the arbitration in terms of globalized domains occurs and how ccTLDs should manage it on a regional level.


Session 7B (Venue: tbc)

Technical: Coverin’ Up. Modern Traffic Protection Standards
With such novelties as DoH and the likes on the one hand, and ccTLDs’ growing responsibility, on the other hand, it would be worthwhile for members to examine case studies and discuss their applicability and potential effects on the technical operation

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 8A (Venue: tbc)

Marketing: Marketing up!
How to develop and sustain a meaningful dialogue with one’s own government.

Whether a part of the government, or not, still, a ccTLD has to promote good relations and cooperation with its government. The session will look into the matter and highlight on good practices to help members build favourable operational environment.

Moderator: Yudho Girio Sucahyo, PANDI
  • Joe Alagna, Afilias
  • Nitin Walia, XGenPlus

Session 8B (Venue: tbc)

Security/Policy: In the Line of Fire
Attacks & Contingency Response Planning for ccTLDs: Best Practices and Cases

Though we all believe in good, let’s admit in our universe, resident evil is everywhere, and one has to watch out for it and be agile at all times. So, please, share the way your ccTLD does it - for the whole community’s benefit.

Moderator: Gihan Dias, .LK Domain Registry
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

Concluding Session



Board Retreat

Day 3. Sep 7

Members' Networking Event: TBC

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